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Hello, I’m Matthew Black, the Dancefloor Activist…

I originally trained as an actor working in theatre, film and television. For the past five years I have run my own theatre company, The Ragroof Players.

I have been a presenter and teacher, creating and leading workshops for adults, young people and children, since my first job out of college, when I taught cycling proficiency.

I started Dancefloor Activist with the vision of creating a fitness company that promoted body positive messages. I believe that my classes create an atmosphere that is inclusive and fun.

The ethos of Dancefloor Activist is to encourage everyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability, to be part of a community dedicated to being active, present and involved.

All my work, both in theatre and in fitness, involves working in communities, bringing people together for a shared experience and helping to make the individual feel more positive about themselves as well as their neighbours. It’s about giving a space to do something that is mentally and physically healthy for everyone involved.

I’m here to encourage people to take the floor, for all the benefits that moving their body can bring to you. I activate the dancefloor to get groups of people moving, dancing, connecting and celebrating.

Now all in one venue @ Stanford Avenue Methodist Church 300 Metres down from Fiveways.

All classes 55 minutes.

  • Zumba classes are fun, energetic, effective and leave you feeling amazing
  • Pilates increase muscle balance, improve poster and help your body to function free from constraints. 
    • Pilate Classes are Tuesdays 09:30 am & Thursdays 19:30pm, Friday 09-30am (Zoom Only).

Zumba Classes are Mondays 18.30 pm, Wednesday 09:30 am.




There is no need to book, just come along & your 1st Class is free if you come along with my flyer.

If you require any further information then please contact me :-






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